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More information on North Sydney

North Sydney is situated on the eastern coast of Cape Breton Island in Sydney harbor.  Situated in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, North Sydney is a key port to the Atlantic for the entire country of Canada and has been nicknamed The Gateway to Newfoundland.  Originally North Sydney was a big shipbuilding community in the early 19th century, providing many vessels to the English and French markets.  Ships like brigantines and brigs would be built in North Sydney and make their way all across the Atlantic.

By the 1860s there was a decline in wooden shipbuilding and an increase in steam operated vessels.  It was a change of the times.  It was also due to the level of bunker coal in the area.  This was a big reason for the establishment of the Western Union cable office and it provided outgoing and incoming ocean vessels to the Atlantic.  It was also a hub for the railroad and in 1891 the railroad came to Cape Breton Island, bringing up the population to 2,513 in North Sydney, helping it eclipse the population of Sydney at 2,417.

The current population stands at just north of 6,000 people.

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